Over the last 20 years we have seen many changes in the way people view Eichler homes. In the ’70s & ’80s Eichler’s were the less expensive alternative to more “traditional” housing in the Bay Area. Today Eichler homes are in demand as homeowners have grown to appreciate the open architecture and “flow-through” glass design. The only problem with this design is that because energy was so inexpensive when these homes were built, insulating the roofs, walls and especially the glass was not a priority. At Palo Alto Glass we specialize in updating your Eichler home with the latest energy-saving door and window products.

There are three basic replacements in an Eichler home:

  • sliding glass windows
  • sliding glass doors
  • fixed glass in wood frames

Over the many years we have replaced doors and windows in Eichler homes we have used products by varied manufacturers. Working with homeowners, architects, remodeling contractors, and real estate agents we have developed a system of replacing the existing doors and windows with new products that offer excellent insulating value while still maintaining the original Eichler look and feel. This is very important to many people and greatly increases your home’s resale value. The manufacturer of doors and windows we recommend for Eichler homes is Blomberg. They are a local company located in Sacramento, California, and have been manufacturing high quality doors and windows since 1968. Blomberg supplies an aluminum framed product that is available in the popular clear anodized finish (silver), black walnut (dark bronze), or white. Custom colors are also available for special applications. These doors and windows can be glazed with clear or tinted insulated glass, low-e insulated glass, and obscure glasses for bathroom applications. They have a slim sight line to compliment the Eichler architecture and can be custom made to fit exactly into existing openings with no carpentry work required.

For the large fixed-glass windows the Eichler homes are famous for, we are able to replace them in a single section with no added division bars or posts. To retain the “flow-through” look, we do not add any additional framing to these windows. We remove the outside wood trim and existing 1/4″ glass, install the new 1″ thick insulated glass, cut the outside trims to accommodate the thicker glass, and re-install. When completed, the sight line around the windows is the same as before and, in most cases, only minor touch-up painting is required by the homeowner.

Our goal in any Eichler insulated glass installation is always the same; to upgrade the home with the latest in energy efficient doors and windows without detracting in any way from the original design. We invite you to view these Blomberg products and insulated glass in our full size showroom display. Our showroom is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Palo Alto Glass is a member of the Eichler Network, your best resource for information on Eichler homes. www.eichlernetwork.com

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